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Nativelead Angels Network

NAN is the driving engine of the Nativelead platform. Angel Investors who are part of the NAN are high net-worth individuals who invest their money in start-up companies in exchange for an equity share of the business. They also add value to the startup by providing proactive advice, industry connections and mentoring support.

If you are an Investor or Mentor, engaging with Nativelead is a perfect way to reconnect with your roots, have a renewed sense of purpose, and lend a new meaning to your lives. Specifically put, you can soulfully invest your time, effort, resources, knowledge, & wisdom to Build, Grow and Scale startups emerging from your OWN NATIVE PLACE.

And should we say about the impact such an effort is going to create besides which you have the potential to earn a healthy, periodic return on investment.

What to expect from Nativelead if you are an Investor?

1. Right from our inception, we have imbibed a culture of transparency across all our processes and especially with investment modalities.
2. We understand the investor’s perspective and dedicate efforts to create value for our stakeholders and shareholders in our investee companies.
3. Funding Transactions: We work with investors to understand the purpose behind their investment and then propose appropriate investment vehicles to route their funding.
4. Compliance and Transparency: We ensure proper documentation, declarations, and compliance with all statutory requirements once investors confirm their investment sum. We maintain transparent communication at each and every stage of the compliance process.
5. Traction & ROI: Our focus is to create value for shareholders and ensure a profitable ROI and/or exit as the case may be. Our ability to retain a proactive investors’ network is directly related to the success of the investee startups.
6. Having understood these, we assign a dedicated Lead Investor or form a consortium of Lead Investors to keep monitoring the progress of the investee startups. This helps us to keep a tab on them on a real-time basis and if required, intervene swiftly for course corrections.