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Nativelead is a one-of-a-kind platform for empowered and established natives of various small towns to interact with and influence aspiring entrepreneurs from the region. Through Nativelead, the leaders can invest their expertise, knowledge, contacts, wisdom, time and money in the promising entrepreneurs and reap wholesome and soulful returns.


To achieve inclusive growth through entrepreneurial success in non metro regions.


Building and continuously improving the components of new age entrepreneurial ecosystem in the focused geographies.


We wish to position Nativelead as an organization that is focused on creating entrepreneurial ecosystem in 'small' pockets to nurture small early stage ventures by applying innovation.


We are committed to promote ventures emerging from small towns in the verticals of Agriculture, Health and Education with impact & triple bottom accountability values.

Why we focus only on small towns?

Reason 1 : Create

There is a strong need to create and enhance powerful brands, valuable IPs, well meaning jobs, a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship and most importantly a holistic ecosystem that is conducive for entrepreneurship in the tier 2 & 3 regions of Tamilnadu.

Reason 2: Prevent

There is a need to contain the migration of knowledge resources, and prevent imbalanced urbanization and outflow of local wealth. Which is why we focus on confidence building measures.

Reason 3: Connect

In order to accomplish the first two objectives it is necessary to enable aspiring entrepreneurs with proper access to investments, technology, markets, mentors, incubators & accelerators, critical knowledge resources, strategic guidance, media, Government, large corporate establishments, research labs, industry leaders and industrial & social Forums in the native regions.


Nativelead works on a simple four pronged approach strategy as follows

  • Enabling

    We help small business owners devise innovative and scalable business models. We strive to create a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship in academic institutions.

  • Nurturing

    We coach Startup founders on business model transformation and personality transformation.

  • Incubating

    We guide and handhold Startups as they build their products and help them gain market traction.

  • Investing

    We provide a platform for Startups to pitch their ventures to potential investors and also help them scale post their fundraise.