Nativelead Startup Circle is focused forum created to support the startups operation in a particular geographical area. This initiative is promoted and supported by Nativelead Foundation. The Key objectives are
• Peer to peer support in problem solving, building partnerships, business development, etc.,
• Identifying right mentors
• Acquiring appropriate business knowledge and skills at an affordable cost
• Establishing right business contacts
• Getting market exposure.

A Startup is an enterprise initiative with or without a legal structure at its nascent stages, exploring its ideas and business model to gain maximum market opportunities. Further, a typical Startup would have challenges in fundraising, technology, innovation, scalability strategic planning, sales & marketing, financial discipline, human resource, self management, public relations, partnerships and many other components that are required to build a successful enterprise.

Step 1: Clearly understand about Nativelead Platform.
Step 2: Register yourself.
Step 3: Engage & Get Enlightened.

● Innovative & Scalable idea (must)
● Less than 3 years from the date of starting.
● Not having an overall billing of 1 Corer till date
● Not availed any funding
● Pre-Company stage
Check if any of the above have

● Nurturing
● Incubating and
● Investing

During the Nurturing stage, Startups entrepreneurs can validate and consolidate their ideas using the Nativelead Platform. Viable ideas will be taken up for mentoring and later turned into workable innovations. In short, this is the filtering and firming-up stage of ideas.

• Personality Assessment
• Idea Validation
• Shaping The Idea
• Business Model Basics

Usually the above process is implemented through intensive nurturing bootcamps conducted by experienced professional and entrepreneurs. These bootcamps would help the entrepreneur to drastically improve their business model / plan and to clearly and quickly figure out the problem areas to work upon.

Incubating is the stage at which an idea takes its first step towards reality. A viable idea when put into the incubation phase is provided with the support necessary to transform it into a commercial venture.

Adequate investment at the right time is essential for a venture to sustain and grow. Nativelead’s intervention at this stage of the entrepreneurial journey is aimed at providing practical, focused investment guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.