Nativelead Mentoring Program is an initiative by Nativelead Foundation to provide the most needed support for entrepreneurs. Through this program, Nativelead Foundation bridges a very important gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by identifying, hand-holding, mentoring and providing networking support to aspiring and established entrepreneurs. We have a mentor network group called Native Mentors Circle (NMC) which includes experts and business people having expertise in various business skills spanning different industry domains.

Mentorship can be defined as a process where a more experienced or knowledgeable individuals for further improvement and professional development.
Mentoring is a proven and time-tested approach to impart knowledge and an impactful mentoring program is to be built through ideal planning and sustained commitment from both mentors and mentees throughout the mentoring process.

At the beginning of any mentoring relationship the mentor and mentee should outline the specific objectives relationship structure Delhi the deliverables duration and action plan for the mentoring program with the basic requirements a successful mentoring program can be divided into four distinguished faces.

• Preparing and designing
• Connecting
• Guiding and mentoring
• Accessing and closing

At Nativelead, we define a ‘Mentor’ as an individual with expertise & experience in his/her chosen domain and great passion to share and support youngsters of his/her native region. The role of a Mentor is to share his/her expertise with start-up entrepreneurs and guide them to achieve their short and long term objectives. Nativelead believes a mentor to be more than just a guide but a partner who travels the entrepreneurial journey and shares his/her experiences to the aspiring entrepreneur.