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To achieve inclusive growth through entrepreneurial success in non metro regions


Building and continuously improving the components of new age entrepreneurial ecosystem in the focused geographies.


We wish to position Nativelead as an organization that is focused on creating entrepreneurial ecosystem in 'small' pockets to nurture small early stage ventures by applying innovation. "Small Matters"

Who We Are?

This socio-economic development platform is managed by respected members of the society under a well defined democratic structure.

Central Governing Board

Chapter Governing Board

What We Do?


This is the process of changing the thought process of youngsters to bring out the innovators and entrepreneurs in them. Enabling will happen in colleges, schools and also with the mainstream youth. They will be motivated to come up with potential ideas which can be converted into a marketable product or concept.


During this stage, the ideas are validated and consolidated. Viable ideas are taken up for mentoring and later turned into innovative products or ventures. In short, this is the filtering and firming-up stage for ideas.


This is where an idea takes its first step towards reality. A viable idea when put into the incubation phase is provided with the support necessary to transform it into a commercial venture.


Ventures in the incubation phase will be referred to potential Angel Investors for investment consideration. Adequate investment at the right time is essential for a venture to sustain and grow.

How we do?

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Nativelead Angels Network

Investing Local

Native Angels Network is the driving engine of the entire Nativelead platform. Angel Investors are high net-worth individuals who invest their own money in start-up companies in exchange for an equity share of the business and who can add value to the company by providing proactive advice, industry connections and mentoring support. Unlike a bank loan or other types of debt financing, equity capital gives an ownership interest in the company invested.

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Nativelead Startup Circle

Leading Nativepreneurs

Nativelead Startup Circle is a forum for the regional Startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs to network; gain knowledge; get access to brainstorming partners, potential markets, coworking spaces in multiple cities and other general business services. Startup Circle also works closely with Nativelead Angels Network.

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Nativelead Catalysts Circle

Sharing Wisdom

Nativelead Catalysts Circle is a subforum for mentors and startup catalysts over 40 years, of age with experience and expertise in various industries - their domains and functionality. The members of this forum are individuals with a passion to share their wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs; they validate and improve their ideas, plans and decisions. Apart from sharing their own expertise, they also help the startups find further help by referring them to other agencies and people who fit the bill.

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Nativelead Campus Circle

Trigger Your Passion

Campus Startup Circle is a unique forum designed by Nativelead to inculcate the culture of innovation & entrepreneurship amongst students. Nativelead is working with a vision to establish Campus Startup Circles in all the institutions in Tamilnadu.