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Making a point: Kunal Upadhyay, Chief Executive – CIIE, IIM – Ahamedabad addressing the stakeholder meet at Madurai on saturday.


Small Cities can thrive only if talent, like students graduating from a particular place is retained and motivated into staying back against leaving to work in bigger cities, said Kunal Upadhyay.


Startups prospered better when they worked in a close circle and learned from each other, which is the best way to reach the goals said kunal upadhyay.


The millinium alliance is an initiative by the technology Development Board, US-AID,FICCI,UK-AID,ICICI Foundation, WISH Foundation to promote innovations and innovators in the country.


Coimbatore chapter of Native Angels Network has launched Native Startup Circle a forum and supporting system for startups.


The Native Angels Network, the network of the new age angel investors will be launched here.

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Startup Trends in India

An interactive engagement of Mr.Naga with our enthused startups is going to be held at our office premises on 22nd. The session will brings an idea about the startup trends in India. The startups are warmly welcomed for joining with us to meet an entrepreneurial spirit.

Coffee with Mr.Naga

An interactive engagement of Mr.Naga with our enthused startups was arranged at Kongu College, erode on 6th. The session brings an idea about the startup trends in India and it was highly informative. Erode startups were happy while gaining the precious moments of the entrepreneurial spirit Mr.Naga.

Investor Pitch @ Erode

An investor pitch session was conducted at Erode on Sunday, 05th June 2016. Four startups in decent customer traction presented their business plans. The session was Moderated by Mr.Nagaraja Prakasam, Chairman of NAN. We also organised live streaming for the benefit of our members in Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy. Thanks to Tex Valley for all the support.